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    H Series

Hydraulics make handling of the H series cranes simple. Hydraulic rams on the tower and the jib move the H crane to its working position in no time at all. The folding tower has solid walls that are absolutely tight-welded.

    TT Series

The 32 TT fast-erecting crane is a very economical, multitalented machine. It offers seven different jib lengths, load moments to suit the task at hand and three different under-hook heights.

    HM Series

Hydraulics make handling of the mobile fast-erecting cranes of the HM series simple. With the hydraulic erecting kinematics, erecting of the HM cranes is very easy, fast and safe and can be carried out by a single person.

    K Series

The fast-erecting crane programme of lattice construction extends from 26 to 120 mt. These cranes have various jib lengths and hook heights as well as simple erecting kinematics.

    R Series (Crawler)

The crawler-track undercarriage of the R series offers high mobility on site and off road.