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13 HM.1
Standard DIN/FEM
Max. hook height 16.0 m
Max. lifting capacity 1,500 kg
Max. radius 22.0 m
Lifting capacity with max. radius 500 kg
22 HM
Standard DIN/FEM
Max. hook height 19.0 m
Max. lifting capacity 2,000 kg
Max. radius 27.0 m
Lifting capacity with max. radius 700 kg
HM Series
Hydraulics make handling of the mobile fast-erecting cranes of the HM series simple. With the hydraulic erecting kinematics, erecting of the HM cranes is very easy, fast and safe and can be carried out by a single person. HM cranes feature the practical 160° obstruction-avoidance angle and the 20° raised-jib working angle. The 22 HM also has a 40° super-raised working angle. The HM series offers the advantages of the H crane system and has integrated transport axles for maximum mobility up to 80 km/h.


H Series
HM Series
TT Series
K Series

R Series (Crawler)