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32 TT
Standard DIN/FEM
Max. hook height 24.0 m
Max. lifting capacity 4,000 kg
Max. radius 30.0 m
Lifting capacity with max. radius 1,100 kg
TT Series
The 32 TT fast-erecting crane is a very economical, multitalented machine. It offers seven different jib lengths, load moments to suit the task at hand and three different under-hook heights. The 32 TT has a double telescopic action. It can be moved into working position in a matter of minutes and ballasted by a single operator using the new ballasting equipment. This crane has a simple wind-release system and can be manoeuvred upright into very narrow gaps on site. The 32 TT is also available on a crawler chassis as the 32 TTR.


H Series
HM Series
TT Series
K Series

R Series (Crawler)