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    Flat - Top EC-B Series

The EC-B flat top crane series comprises well-staggered models from 50 to 285 mt. The series is topped off by the 285 EC-B 12 Litronic.

    High - Top EC-H Series

EC-H cranes are economical to transport, fast and easy to set up and have innovative drivelines. These cranes are powerful enough for medium to large construction projects. The individual crane components can be transported in the order in which they are later assembled.

    Heavy - Load HC Series

The HC series includes nine universal cranes from 1,250 to 5,000 mt. HC cranes are designed for very high hook heights and very long jibs.

    Luffing HC-L Series

These cranes have been designed for work on particularly high buildings or in extremely restricted spaces.

    Derrick DR Series

The derrick crane was conceived as a specialist disassembly crane for stripping down cranes on tall buildings, bridge pylons and telecommunication towers.